Q:What should my reception lighting be like?
A:You want a nice reception ambiance,but remember
great photos require light.
Candles & Christmas lights are not
photographically considered "light".
Recommendation:Keep it fairly well lit (50-75%)
for the Grand Entrance,darker for dinner,well lit for toasts,half way lit for
event dances, full lighting for cake cutting.
(Large white cakes soak up camera flash like a sponge).
When it's time to party dance,lights can go down.

Q.How decorated should my ceremony arch/area be?
A.Make it pretty,but the less ceremony viewing obstructions the better.
Remember,your photographer has to be able to see you from every angle if
you want photos from every angle.
If possible,have the Bridal Party stand at their seats behind the parents'
row upon entering.
Full altar photos with them can be taken after the ceremony.
For flowers,short is best,ask your florist "please,no long wiley branches".  
If possible,only book a ceremony site that allows an unobstructed view
from behind the "altar" area,so when facing in, your photographer can
catch your facial expressions.

Q.What is the perfect pace for our processional?
A: A slow pace with spacing for Bridal Party is best.A Wedding
Coordinators' pet peeve.If you want photos of your bridal party's
processions & recessions,a slow pace and wide spacing is best.

Q.Where should our after-cermony photos be taken?
A:.Let your photographer choose/approve the after-ceremony portrait spot.
If you don't, it's like telling your mechanic how to
fix your car.Please tell us what you would like,but in the end,leave it to the
professional.Background colors and lighting are critical to great photos.If
it is a "must have" background like your family church's altar,
but it's rather dark,(like 99% are),tell your photographer days in
advance,and allow
them time to bring in & set up the necessary lighting arrays.
(Make sure electric outlets are available).

Q.What should I look for in a reception hall?
A:Besides proper size,accommodations,elegance,parking facilities,and
price,avoid reception halls that do not offer curtains for the windows
behind the Sweetheart/Bridal & Cake tables.
Once the sun goes down,flashes are needed and will make reflection
spots on the glass.(The most difficult thing to edit out!)
While any careful pro photographer can minimize this,family's flashes are
ever-present in toast & cake photos,if windows are not curtained.

Q.Should I have DJ lights for my reception?
A:It does add a lot of excitement to the party!..However:
Ask your DJ to not put on club lights during your
First Dance.
You probably don't want green,red,yellow and blue spots on
your dress in these precious "firsts" photos.

Q. What is the most important thing to look for in a DJ?
A:A fun personality ,and a large,diverse song library are key.
Make sure your DJ honors requests-
We do! --If you have "must have" songs on your mind,please write them
out and submit them to us.
It's our job to care you get all the songs that you want,it's your job to
reveal all that you want !

Q. How much time should I allow for photos after the ceremony?
A:Though the standard is 5 minutes for every photo you want perfect,in
reality 1 hour to 2 hours normally.
However If you request 75 different family members' photos and can only
provide 1 photo hour,please book a second photo day,or re-plan your day.)

Q:When planning my wedding,what should be the #1 priority?
A.Make your guests' comfort first priority.
Make sure your wedding locations have ample,easy and close parking,and
if on a roof or above ground floor,
please make sure for your guests and vendors,
that they offer at least 3 elevators.
Nothing makes a guest more unhappy than walking a mile
then waiting an hour for a place to sit.
Please make sure long outdoor ceremonies in the sun are covered with
Seniors can't take the heat like we can.
It is a very good wedding when no one is taken to the hospital for heat
Be sure to offer water bottles on ice,2 per guest per half hour is best.
If an outdoor wedding, have A PLAN "B" for rain.

Q:How should I handle my Bridal Party?
A:Make sure all Bridal Party members are on the same page.
There's nothing worse than having your day go absolutely
perfect until you find that you walk in 2 minutes,and the
Best Man,with the Bride's ring,is no where to be found.
Send every BP member a Wedding Day timeline,complete with rehearsal
schedule & photo schedules.
Best hint: Call each the morning of,reminding them of important items
(e.g. Maid of Honor,please bring the "blue" item you promised to
lend,Groomsmen be at the pre-ceremony photo session at 2pm sharp
Ask us for  a free Bridal Party timeline planner,made by one of our most
organized brides!

Q:How can I avoid unexpected pitfalls?
A:Though there's many the number one answer is "think out"
transportation arrangements.
From guest shuttles to photographers in your limo,please remember to
think out ,even write out to completion every driving
You won't want to strand any person on your wedding day,
nor yourselves!...also:
Bring your Marriage license,credit cards and checkbook.
We've seen these ruin Wedding Days...one even ruined
another couples' Wedding Day:
One couple left the marriage license 80 miles away and through Friday
rush hour traffic had to send someone to get it.3 hours later,the next
wedding at the church was delayed 2 hours...they were not happy to say
the least.
One couple forgot their credit cards and check book and
forgot they still needed to pay the Limo,Minister,and
most importantly the $7,000 balance on the Hotel Reception hall...
(No one should be arrested for "Defrauding the Innkeeper" on their
Wedding Day!)  
Paying everybody off early is good,but there's always those
last minute unexpected expenses...(One couple forgot they needed
coloring for their sand for their sand ceremony 1 hour before it was to
Avoid procrastination.
We see this all the time: If your photographer tells you (for the 5th time
that day,and now it's 11pm:)
"Hey, we should do that special Groomsmens' photo you requested
and you say "we'll do it later" ,
don't expect to see it in your portfolio.
Remember,this is up to
you: If your photographer asks and asks and you
say "we'll get it later" you probably won't.
Smile all day.
You'll love your photos more if you're not smiling in them!

Q:How complicated should I make my wedding day?
A:Keep it fairly simple.The more complicated you make it,
the more can go wrong and the more  you and every one else will be
Think elegant,light,easy on your Bridal Party & family.
Provide extra time for everything on your day.
Start your day early.

Q:How many years have you been in business?
A:We celebrated our 21st Anniversary Jan 11th,2015!
The count?...we hit 1000 Weddings Sept 15th 2012!

Q:How many photographers do you offer?
A:We offer as many as you need,(and are willing to pay for!...lol)
Most smaller to midsize weddings are better off with just one,who can
control the lighting,flash,shadows,and have clear unobstructed views all
the time.
Larger wedding? If you have over 300 guests,or a very short day,2-3 may
be necessary if you want photo perfection.
Ways around this:
Order double HD Video with frame pull capabilities...(Millions of photos at
your fingertips!)
Book a second day,perhaps the previous or next day,to go to a beach
,park,etc to take unlimited photos in a non-rushed atmosphere.
You will really enjoy these creations from your photographer,
who can take the proper time to create magic for you!

Q:Do you offer a photo booth?
A::Though we don't currently offer a (cramped)"booth" we do offer a
spacious backdrop photo area for you & your guests upon request for a
very small charge of $29.

Q:Do you offer any services other than Photography,Video,DJ?
A::Yes,we offer lasers,club lighting,fog,bubbles,montages,
video projections,monogram projections,engagement sessions,
Bridal Sessions,family sessions,etc.

Q:Why should I choose Amore Studios over somewhere else?
A::Many reasons!...With us you'll receive not only our friendly
knowledgeable service,and 20 years of experience,but also quick call
backs,quick email responses,our huge network of other vendors,beautiful
award-winning photos & video,the BEST wedding DJ service in the
nation,2 million songs,40 fun reception events,online photo viewing,and
we're the ONLY
COMPANY IN THE NATION that offers wedding layaway!

Q:What are your reviews like?
A::1100% perfect...Read them at www.CAWeddingNetwork.com

Q:If I find an imperfection in a photo,what should I do?
A: Although your photos are carefully mastered to our masterpiece
standards of gorgeousness,
not necessarily every slight or tiny imperfection will be seen,
or altered.
Please carefully check all photos for any perceived imperfections.
Every customer' may view photos differently,
and 99.99% of perceived imperfections are not actual imperfections.
Example of what we mean:
Once a bride reported her photos had a problem,
she requested If I could make her "not look so drunk".
(6 shots of Patron tequila before her ceremony did that! - Remember
cameras don't lie...Be sure to take the best care of yourself on your
wedding day...
(At least until the reception when the bar opens...lol)

If you see a perceived imperfection in a photo,please kindly report it to me
for analysis and if necessary,correction,most likely absolutely free
(99.999999% of the time).

Q:Do you offer package deals?
A: Absolutely.You'll save $1000's by reserving your
Photography,Videography,& DJ service with us!

Q:Do you offer a military discount?
A: Absolutely.We are grateful for your service to our county.
If you or your spouse are active military,
please submit a pay stub or other proof for a 15% discount.

Q:How much are your deposits?
A: We offer $0 down financing and have other deposit plans starting as
low as $50 to obtain your contract.
Get a Loan $100 to $2,000,000
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