Below is a list of the essential photos/video for
your wedding day.
You may request any additions
by email,or at the pre-wedding consultation.

Wedding Photography Before the Ceremony


___ Wedding dress Hanging (or if not possible,
lying over a chair)
___ Rings
___ Flowers
___ Garter(s)
___ Jewelry (incl tiara)
___ Old/New/Borrowed/Blue
___ Shoes
___ Any Personally special item


___ Zipping up or buttoning the wedding dress
___ Mother of the bride fastening the bride's
___ The bride's garter
___ The bride's veil
___ A close up of the bride's shoes peeking out
from  under the dress
___ Bride looking into a mirror
___ Bride looking out window
___ Bride and bridesmaids putting on makeup
___ Bride pinning corsage/boutonniere on
___ Bride hugging parents
___ Bride touching up
___ Bride and parents leaving for ceremony
___ Groom tying tie
___ Groom looking into mirror(if available)
___ Groom pinning corsage/boutonniere on
___ Groom hugging parents
___ Bride and parents leaving for ceremony
___ Reception hall decorating

Wedding Photography Shots At the Ceremony

___ Outside of ceremony site
___ Guests walking into ceremony site
___ Bride and father entering ceremony site
___ Parents being seated
___ Grandparents being seated
___ Maid of honor walking down the aisle
___ Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
___ Flower girl and ring bearer walking down
___ Groom waiting for bride
___ Ceremony musicians
___ Officiant
___ Altar or canopy during ceremony
___ Close up of bride, just before she makes
her entrance
___ Bride and father walking down aisle
___ Groom seeing bride for first time
___ The back of bride and father walking down
the aisle
with the groom waiting in the distance
(and/or inlay of forward walk & groom looking
___ Bride's father and Bride hugging at end of
___ Shot of the audience from the bride and
groom's point of view
___ The unity ceremony
___ Close up of bride and groom saying the
___ Wide shot of bride and groom saying the
___ Exchanging the rings
___ Close up of hands
___ The kiss
___ Bride & Groom walking up the aisle
___ Receiving line
___ Bride & Groom outside on stairs,etcs
___ Guests throwing confetti/rose
petals/blowing bubbles
___ Bride & Groom hugging guests,laughing,
getting congratulations
___ Bride & Groom getting in car
___ Bride & Groom in back seat (w/champagne
if possible)


___ Bride & Groom's table
___ Place card table
___ Closeup of bride and groom's place card
(if applicable)
___ Wedding cake
___ Groom's cake( (if applicable)
___ Gift table
___ Decorations
___ Table settings
___ All personalized items
(Champagne flutes,cake knife,etc)
___ Centerpieces
___ Guest Book/Pen

Posed Wedding Photography Before the
Reception (These can also be taken before the

___ Bride (Closeups & full length)
___ Bride with Maid of Honor
___ Bride with bridesmaids
___ Groom with bridesmaids
___ Bride with parents
___ Bride & Groom together
___ Bride & Groom with parents
___ Bride & Groom with families
___ Bride & Groom with entire wedding party
___ Bride & Groom with flower girl and
___ Groom with parents
___ Groom with best man
___ Groom with groomsmen
___ Bride with groomsmen

During the Reception

___ Outside of reception site
___ Bride & Groom arriving
___ Bride & Groom greeting guests
___ Musicians or DJ
___ A shot of bride & groom with guests at
each table
___ Bride with college alums/work friends
___ Groom with college alums/work friends
___ The buffet or, if having table service, a
dinner serving
___ Bride & Groom's first dance
___ Bride & Father dancing
___ Groom & Mother dancing
___ Guests dancing
___ Bride & Groom cutting the cake
___ Bride & Groom feeding each other cake
___ Toasts (specify who is giving them:
___ Bride & Groom drinking champagne
___ Signing the marriage license
___ Bride throwing bouquet
___ Single Lady Catching Bouquet
___ Groom retrieving garter
___ Groom tossing garter
___ Single Gentleman Catching Garter
___ Garter/Bouquet dance
___ The getaway car
___ Bride & Groom leaving party
___ Bride & Groom driving away
___ Guests to be remembered: (Name all please)


•Bride & bridesmaids getting ready
•Exterior shot of church
•Interior wide shot of church
•Flowers in church
•Wedding program
•Groom and ushers hanging out
•Pinning boutonniere of groom
•Guests arriving
•Guests being escorted down aisle
•Guests sitting, reading programs, talking
•Limo arriving at church
•Bride and bridesmaids exiting limo
•Groom waiting at altar
•Father kissing bride and handing off to groom
•The entire ceremony
•Receiving line
•Champagne toast in front of the limo
•Photo session  
•Exterior shot of reception site
•Guests enjoying cocktail hour
•Servers passing food
•Ice sculpture/special decorations (if applicable)
•Table tags
•Present table
•Guests signing guest book
•Wide shot of reception room
•Close up of place settings
•Guest favors
•Introduction of bridal party
•First dance
•Cake cutting
•Parent dances
•Anniversary dance
•Fast dancing
•Slow dancing
•Bouquet and garter
•Last dance
•Farewell walk
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